Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Book Cake Tutorial

For those of you who love reading, this is the perfect cake!! Also for those of you who read to your kids, this is also a great cake to make. I love reading, and I love to read with my son. Also, this is not difficult to make and you can recreate your own story. I chose Little red Hood and Nemo because I love the first one and my son loves the second one.
Para todos los amantes de la lectura, este cake es perfecto. Pero si además sois de los que leéis a vuestros hijos, también es una buena propuesta. A mi me encanta leer, y disfruto leyendo con mi hijo. Además no es difícil de ejecutar y se puede adaptar a vuestra historia particular. Yo elegí caperucita roja y Nemo porque la primera me gusta a mi y la segunda a mi hijo.

Take one open book as reference and trace a template with a paper.
We would need a rectangular cake filled with your favorite filling. Place the template to start to make the shape of the book.
Podemos coger como referencia un libro real abierto. Hacemos una plantilla del lomo en papel normal.
Necesitaremos un bizcocho rectangular relleno con el relleno que más nos guste. Ponemos la plantilla en el frontal de la tarta ya rellena y empezamos a dar forma siguiendo la silueta de la plantilla.

Once we got the shape of the book, we can crumb coat the cake with buttercream
 Cuando tengamos la forma hecha podemos empezar a cubrir el cake con buttercream

Once the cake is chilled with cover with fondant and with the took we add the pages creases.
Cuando se haya enfriado lo cubrimos con fondant y con la esteca recta marcamos  las páginas

We add one page of lime green fondant and the other  marble blue fondant
Añadimos una pagina de fondant verde lima y la otra de fondant azul marbelizado.

In the blue page we add all the coral reefs with different colors of fondant.
En la página azul añadimos el arrecife de coral jugando con distintos colores de fondant.

We add the fish and we have the ocean page done
Añadimos el pez y tenemos lista nuestra página del mar.

In the other page we are going to make Little red hood in the forest with the wolf hidden in the tree.
Para la otra página vamos a ilustrar a Caperucita Roja en el bosque con el lobo escondido detrás del árbol

with the needle tool we trace the forest and fill in with fondant creating the forest.
Con la herramienta de aguja vamos dibujando la silueta del bosque que iremos rellenando con fondant.

The little red hood is made out also in fondant 
La caperucita roja también está hecha con fondant rojo.

It is very easy to make and you can add your own decorations.
Es muy sencillo de hacer y personalizar con vuestras propias ideas.

Also you can choose your favorite story and make the most representative part. This cake is super cute and perfect for kids and even for adults making an old antique book for example.
Elige tu historia favorita y recreala en fondant. Es un cake super bonito y perfecto para fiestas de niños, aunque también para adultos, recrear un libro antiguo puede ser una gran idea.

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  1. Hi, I love this cake book, it's absolutely perfect for my daughters first birthday. Where did you find the beautiful easel for the cake to stand on? I'm finding it very difficult to find anything similar :(

  2. I love this! However, many people request buttercream not fondant. Has anyone had success with the book- in buttercream??

  3. Thank you Laurs!! Try to find the easel in Target or Marshalls, they are not so expensive :)

  4. Hi Kristi, Of course you can make the book in butterream!! the result is not going to be the same because you know that the fondant makes the finish so smooth but if you are good in buttercream I am pretty sure that you can get a good result, then just add the fondant decorations and remember that not all the fondants taste bad, the best thing is to work in the flavor so if you offer a good tasting fondant you wont have that problem. Hope I helped you!!! thank you so much!!!

  5. Hi,My first time here and from past half an hour I m just reading it.Wonderful work and great tutorials.Thanks for sharing.keep it up.

    1. Thank you so much CreativeThinker!!! Hope you to see you here!!!!


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